An interactive book about apace.


This book can be read in both the accordion style as well as stand as a sculptural object. I included short anecdotes about different places that I have lived throughout my life. They are memories and the text is minimal and fragmented to reflect this sentiment. I utilize a lot of material metaphor in my books.

Oneirology Diatribe
An interactive, six booklet performance piece that places the reader(s) in the realm of confusion that one enters in contemplation of dream analyzation and theory.

We are a group of artists whose world ( at least for the moment) is centered around 31 Prince Street. We work together, critique one another, and inspire each other. We are interested in Photography, film and video, and the book as an art form. We are Alicia, Brian, Dan, Julianna, Laura, Megan C., Megan S.,  and Sarah.